Interview With Milena Angel – Erotic Model

How has been working with erotism, nudity, exploring the body and sexuality?

You are artistic naked model since 2010. What have you learned from eroticism, sexuality and nudity?

Well, eroticism, nudity and sexuality became a part of my lifestyle through all these years. Its help me to recognise myself in more various ways, and look on other peoples – first as on different/another bodies which is definitely sexualy atractives, but lately as on a separate “universes” each  one with their own stories, triggers, pleasures and desires, this look is more deeper, where sexualy is not the same and not valued as just nudity and versa,  nudity not = sexuality or lust.   

You said that “Many of custom shoots with a honor for their individual producers was published on the site. I give a opportunity for every fan or member to show the world their vision on nude art shoot in cooperation with me, my models and my team.”

How important is for you to work with your fans your vision of eroticism, nudity and fantasies?

Customs were a big stage where interaction with viewers/fans/individual producers and their view of erotic scenes improved and expanded my own understanding of erotica as it is.  I loved that time. As for now I did not accepts any custom requests. But who knows, maybe I will come back to it in future projects.

Through your club, you work and promote models and support other professionals in the art of eroticism. You also work for Hegre Art, MetArt/Viv Thomas with erotic models with nudity and the natural exhibition of woman. How can your work help us to enjoy a sexual health, positive sexuality and an open mind about pleasure and eroticism?

actually answered on this in #1. And want to add that looking on my own growing experience and body changing through the years of modeling it can show how beautiful and attractive body can stay if you work with your inner mental health and improve your mindset as much as follow all healthy “rules” for outer beauty.

You took part of some movies from Hegre Art, MetArt/Viv Thomas in order to explore the body and masturbation, pleasure, tantra and sexuality. How has practicing those activities to the camera and playing with your body allow you to develop sexuality?

Contact with all these themes on shootings, learned and experienced of all these things in that short filmed period of time expanded my own interests in deeper sexual experience in the long term relationships. Lately I improved interesting themes and learned more about some of these things by myself.

Thanks for your time, and all the best wishes for your work.

Project Let’s Talk About Sexuality
Interview: Pedro Marques
Translation and Correction and:
Milene Santos

1 February 2023

Project “Let’s talk about Sexuality”

This project aims at giving different people who are specialised in different areas related to the sexuality subject, to be given a voice and be promoted in what they do. Alongside this, this project intends to clear any questions related to the subject for all of you who follow this blog.

This effort to bring the subject of sexuality closer to you requires time and dedication devoted to studying and researching the incredibly diverse fields of sexuality. This is what I dedicate my time on so that, hopefully, we can all learn more and contribute to develop the sexuality subject.

I would therefore like to ask for your contribution towards this effort. If you would like to help and contribute to this project, please follow the link below:

I am very gratefull for your contribution, whichever it may be.

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