Interview to Annie Sprinkle

Interview to Annie Sprinkle – Sexecologist, Ecosexual, Artist, Performer, Former Prositutute and Porn star, College lecturer

Has the Sexecology project (ecosexuality Also) with your partner Elizabeth Stephens (1). When they had the interest to take the LGBT community to become involved in environmental activism?

There are very little environmental activism movements and groups in the GLBTQI communities. Huge amounts of individual gay and queer people care about the issues, but there isn’t really much of a movement where punks, porn stars, freaks, drag queens, trans people, and other outside the heteronormative boxes feel comfortable… Our film, for example, was the first queer environmental activist documentary in the US. Its called Goodbye Gauley Mountain—An Ecosexual Love Story. You can watch it on Netflix and itunes. Its about horrific coal mining destruction in the West Virginia mountains. The coal companies have taken the tops off of over 500 mountains. So we bring our queer sensibilities and sex positivity and odd sense of humor to these issues. We call this sthe “ecosex movment.”

We have now officially added the E to GLBTQI. So from now on, don’t forget to add the E! Artist Guillermo Gomez Pena collaborated with us to add the E when we did an ecosexual contingent in the Pride parade in San Francisco last summer.

Make a combination between art, activism, theory and practice, is a hotter project with absurd humor, sex-positive …

I have been interested in sensuality with nature for years. And in nature festishes and fantasies. As has Beth. WE both had a lot of early experiences as kids where we found nature sensual. Most people have if they think about it. We are both inspired by Fluxus art movement more than any other kind of art movement. We love the humor and obsuridity. As an academic, with a PhD in performance studies, Bethe wanted to develop ecosex theory as a response to or growth from ecofeminism and queer theory. As a sex person for many years, and with my Phd in sexology, I was interested in expanded kinds of sexuality, that isn’t so genitally focused and more energy based, and includes more than just human to human sex. Why not connect erotically to mountains, clouds, flowers, butterflies…

How important was for you to create to your wife an alternative draft environmental activism on sexuality ?

We were doing an art project,, and married the Earth as an art project. We took vows to “love, honor and cherish the Earth until death brought us closer together forever.” The next day we came out as ecosexuals. We realized we seriously loved the earth. And imagining the Earth as a lover, a partner, was very satisfying.

We had both done a lot of art projects about sex, and then about love with our (no archived) so when we married the Earth in an art project, we became very excited about helping the planet.
I grew up in Los Angeles, and we had a swimming pool in the back yard. I also went to Yosemite a lot as a kid and felt a sensual connection with nature. My first sexual experience was on the beach. For Beth she connected with Earth works as a kid. And loved riding her horse. WE grew up to have a lot of sensual and erotic experiences in and with nature.

What results has been able to get this quest to teach sex-positive, the environmental part and engage the LGBT community?

WE have had really great ecosex workshops in several countries. They are so much fun. Our workshop in England had people there from 21 countries. They loved it! And they are all pollinating ecosex everywhere. So now some porn stars are making ecosex porn, there is an ecosex sex toy shop called As You Like it in Oregon. There was an Ecosex Convergence at Windward, the world’s first ecosex community. 150 people attended. WE were there a few weeks ago. It was fun. But not really our kind of ecosex completely. There are many kinds of ecosexuals doing different things. Beth and I are artists and activists and do it our own way. You can see our film trailer and some of our projects on our many web sites.

Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of porn (2), this solo and daily movie is your view on the 30th anniversary of their sexual development and sexual revolution. How they evolved? That knowledge can be acquired your sexual development and sexual revolution? Through this balance of knowledge what allowed to teach all citizens?

Don’t understand the question. This film was aobut my best and worst porn movies and my evolution. Ecosex is just my next big interest. But I think now its my life’s work for many years to come. There is a lot of work to do, and its super fun, because its so includive and interesting a topic. Anyone can be ecosexual. Or ecocurious, or ecoromantic, or simply ecosensual.

Works with female orgasm, you have an orgasm your model represented in seven types of orgasm (3). What led to this topic that is part of the pleasure of the woman? What have you learned and what he intended to explore and teach? How can orgasm be rewarding and pleasurable for the woman?

Beth and I are working on a book, titled An Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm for Janet Hardy and her Greenery Press. Its about orgasm for everyone, using nature metaphors. Nature is a great sex educator. I have already done a movie documentary about orgasm. And wrote about it a lot. Because I really love to research orgasm. And use my body as a laboratory. We also have a book with Univerisity of Minnesota press. An excellent press. To do a book called Assuming the Ecosexual Position. About our work of the past 14 years collaborating together. Mostly focused on the ecosex work we have done for the last 9 or so years.

You built a picture in vulva format to your face (4), arms and your breast outside. What message would convey to show the vulva and breast? How important is for you to address both sexual organs of the woman? This work is to respond to a gap of lack of love and knowledge for breast and vulva?

In my older work, and in Beth’s older work, we were more focused on the human body, particularly the erogenous zones. Now we have expanded our interest to include the whole body and beyond. For example, we are interested in how our bodies have a biome cloud, and our biome clouds are all having sex with each other. Our own sexuality is part of a whole ecosystem. We just don’t think about it or acknowledge it. All human sex is ecosex because we are all part of the Earth, not separate from it. When you masturbate, you make love to the Earth. When you make love to the soil, you make love to the Earth, and that’s part of us also.

You traveled throughout the world to study ancient sex techniques of the spiritual side of sex, did many workshops and held a magical masturbation ritual to evoke the legend of the sacred prostitute. How these trips by former studies, the learning of masturbation and prostitution legend contributed to your knowledge?

I’ve been doing work about sex for 42 years now. I’m going to be 62 in a week. So I’ve had a lot of experience. When you stick with something long enough, you’re going to learn about it. But the more you learn, the more you realize there’s a lot more to learn. Sexuality is a huge subject. Its like life. Beth has always been a very sexual person also. So we are a great team. We have lots of the same interests, same politics, same kind of things we like to do. But also quite different perspectives. She sees things from a sculptors point of view. I still see things as a sex worker often. But the big thing is we are both artists, and we both love experimental and conceptual art.

Developed a 14-step program (5). In what way this program can be positive for the exploitation of sexuality and its opening? It has the ‘Spectacular Sex massage’ how can these programs, exercises be important for the development of pleasure?

I have written a 12 Step Program to Cure Sex Worker Burn Out. Its tips for self care that anyone really can use. I also developed the female genital massage rituals that Joseph Kramer developed during the AIDS crisis, thorugh his Body Electric School of Massage, and his Celebrating the Body Erotic workshops. These days there are a lot of people teaching versions of what Joe and I developed. He is a sex visionary, and I concider him our husband. Beth and I are very close with him and he is our ‘sacred intimate’ whom we love deeply and enjoy spending quality time with.

It has been a sex worker for 20 years during this period and your work, which bases acquired to explore in your academic studies? How it is that it was enriching for your sexual exploitation?

My interests in sex now days are very different than in past decades. Everything seems to change from extreme to extreme. I’m all about ecosex now. I couldn’t’ imagine doing some of the things I did before. Mostly it would be boring, because I did some things so much. Sex after menopause is quite different. The sex drive changes quality. I eroticise nature and just about everything. Its all more sublte, and soft. Where as when younger I focused totally on people and I wanted it all really hard.

Has this project as free public service to the people ‘Sex Sidewalk Clinics'(6). What added value is this project for those who pass on the street and risk being consulted for you? What can people take learning to be open to sexuality and your know?

Beht and I have done dozens of Free Sidewalk Sex Clinics at all sorts of public places. Mostly on college campuses, where they really need it. We simply give out free sex advice with a group of 5-7 sex experts. Its fun and always interesting. And people appreciate it. Also the sex educators get to network with each other and we like to meet sex educators. When we say sex educators, they can be therapists, and AIDS educators, and Planned Parenthood people. Or they can be sex toy people, prostitutes, professional dominatrixes or anyone that works in sex and is an expert on something about sex. WE like to offer a wide ranging menu. Its fun, and it’s a performance art happening.

Wehave had several Free Sidewalk Ecosex Clinics where we teach about ecosex. People love it or don’t like it or hate it. We welcome criticism of all kinds. It only helps us develop our art, theories, practices and our activism. There are many critiques of ecosex. And we have good answers to the critiques, which we are writing in a book for University of Minnesota press. Our book will be called Assuming the Ecosexual Position. I have to get back to working on it right now!

Beth sends her regards.
Use whatever you want from our web sites.

Here is a nice little video made recently. Just five mintues long.

Eco Artists Transform “Mother Earth” into “Lover Earth”


(2) Sex Sidewalk Clinics

(3) – can be read here:



Project Let’s Talk About Sexuality
Interview: Pedro Marques
Translation and Correction and: Mário Martins


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