Interviewing Fellucia Blow – Oral Sex Specialist

Your videos are aimed towards oral sex. What has made you fall in love with the art of fellatio?
I think it is the complete nature of the blowjob that I love so much. To go from initial excitement to watching the penis become erect, then working on it like it is some kind of project. LOL I need to finish this blowjob project! So when it is finished, when the orgasm comes at the end, it feels like a special accomplishment. Plus, my lover really, really enjoys it! LOL

What gives you more pleasure whilst doing it?
The pleasure from a blowjob, for me, is something that goes both ways. The pleasure my lover feels is most important to me so monitoring his reactions and encouragements gives me enormous pleasure. I like to know when I am doing a good job! But also the sensation of his erect penis, as it grows from flaccid to hard as steel in my mouth, is a wonderful experience for me. I love the taste, the smell, the throbbing beauty of the erect manhood. And I have learned to love the taste of semen, too. LOL

You’ve mentioned on GQ that you intend to show a more erotic and elegant way of oral sex through your videos. What made you want to pass on a more positive insight of this art?
So many blowjobs, as depicted on film and video, come across as nasty, dirty, even semi-violent acts of aggression. It’s as if the man, the penis, is forcing his way into the poor girl’s mouth, causing as much damage and sloppiness as possible. This is not erotic to me. While I am not saying the women who give these kinds of blowjobs are not enjoying it, I assume they are, it is simply not my cup of tea. LOL I believe in pleasure, and warm, romantic feelings of elegance, class and true orgasmic connection. You can find really aggressive blowjobs almost everywhere but to find sensual, passionate blowjobs is something special.

Have you managed to make that happen?
I believe over time that I have, yes. After filming many fellatio scenes and having gone through numerous elegant productions, I feel like I have a unique style and something that is purely my own take on the blowjob experience. This takes time and experimentation but I like to believe I have achieved this feat. I may be wrong, of course. LOL You and your readers will have to be the final judge!

What makes you linger to the elegance and eroticism that you’ve mentioned?
I think because it is so rare these days. As I mentioned, your typical, everyday blowjob is easy to find on the Internet. Too easy, I think. But to find something elegant, classy and obviously filmed with care is truly a rare thing. These qualities appeal to my basic nature but also because when something is rare it is more precious.

What are the differences between beautiful oral sex and erotic one?
Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. LOL What I consider rude, abusive behaviour may be something someone else finds beautiful. I try not to judge what another person finds attractive. But for me, for my tastes, any sexual act has to be erotic in order for it to be beautiful. So in my world, being beautiful and erotic are almost the same thing.

You’re a big fellatio and deep throat specialist. How can you describe its learning process?
Well, there is obviously no substitute for experience and practice. LOL Having said that, I think many women are so goal-oriented that they give blowjobs with the single aim of producing the cumshot. Often as quickly as possible just to get it over with. LOL But the “secret” is really to begin the blowjob experience with no end in mind. What I mean is to give a blowjob without thinking about how long it is taking or when the orgasm will happen. Focus on the immediate pleasures of stroking the penis and kissing it, licking it, taking it into your mouth…then the cum will fly, I promise! LOL There is a little lesson for you and your readers!

What care do you have and what fascinates you about this oral sex tecnhics?
The most interesting thing to me is how, when the man approaches his orgasm, how his muscles begin to tighten and the penis itself becomes even more engorged with blood making it hard as steel! Then the semen flows and ejaculates out of his erect penis, which is hard as a rock, and the accomplishment and reward is given to me for my efforts. I love it!

What have you been learning about the fellatio in general?
The fact that there are hundreds of ways to give a good blowjob!

In what way has this experience has enriched you?
I think producing these erotic fellatio videos has made me a more sensitive person. I now take much more care when it comes to details. Plus I am usually in a horny, romantic mood more often these days!

What can you tell us about it?
I just want to thank you for asking me these wonderful questions! You have also made me very horny while answering them so I thank you for that, too! My hope is that more people, especially your readers, will take the time relax and enjoy one of my erotic blowjob productions. This will relax and enrich them, I think. It will also make me very happy to know you are all enjoying my work! Thank you again so much and I hope to see you all soon at

Thank you for your time!

Project For The Pleasure Genesis
Interview: Pedro Marques
Translation and Correction: Sílvia Dias


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