Interviewing Amarna Miller

You were always keen about the pornography world and sexuliaty itself, as you refer on “adultdvdtalk”. Your first porn scene was a lesbian one; was it a enriching experience for you, as career start up?

In fact my first experience in pornography wasn’t a lesbian scene but a solo shoot, recorded for my own company (Now disappeared) Omnia-X.
It was pretty easy and it didn’t shocked me at all, basically because I was also the director, which allowed me to be 100% in charge of the situation. Enriching? Absolutely.

Due to the lack of a good salary and poor porn storylines, you’ve started your own company after creating a few home-made porn. Was it a big step for you? What can you tell us about it? 

When I was 18 I started to think about working as a porn actress, more as a hobby (I’ve always enjoyed to be in front on the cameras and I’m very open with my sexuality, plus I’ve a high libido) than as a full-time job. I sent a lot of messages to the producers I found in Spain and the answers I received didn’t satisfy me at all. That wasn’t the kind of porn in which I wanted to appear in, so I decided to forget my dreams about getting into the industry.
At that moment I was in the university studying Fine Arts and I discovered what would be one of the passions of my life: photography. Because I was already interested in the naked body, I started to take nude pictures of my friends. Very soon that interest developed into explicit portraits. I was looking at that pictures thinking “Wow, this is what I wanted to do when I tried to get into porn!” and I realice that maybe I had found a niche in the market. With 19 years old, I created Omnia-X, the porn company to which I’ve devoted five years of my life. Then, and under my own rules, I started to work also as a porn actress. Anyways, I never considered it as home-made porn!!

At the beginning of this year I decided to close down Omnia-X, but for sure you’ll see me again behind of the cameras in the future.

Nowadays you work with Erika Lust — porn/erotic movies filmaker and defenser of all the women’s rights. What have you been learning with her, what knowledge have you been acquiring from making movies dedicated to women’s pleasure, sexuality and their imagination?

Working with Erika is an honour and I really admire what she has done for the industry. In a time were it was almost impossible to find porn movies shot from the view of a women, she claimed for a new way of represent sexuality.

Said that, I personally don’t think that there’s a necessity of shooting porn “for women”, as much as I don’t think that anyone should shoot porn “for men”. Luckily our behaviours inside of the bedroom depend of the experiences and likes that we have, not the genitals that we own. Understand sexuality as a binary decision depending on genre is very limited so I don’t believe in dedicate a movie for the “pleasure, sexuality of imagination” of women.
Porn should be done for people. And each one should decide what to watch and enjoy without being conditioned for it.
Of course I absolutely think that porn needs more women directing, but also more trans, lesbian, queer people….I prefer to claim for what I’ve decided to call “ethical porn” rather than “for women”.

You make many oral sex movies to be shown in your website. What pleasure does this sexual practice gives you, and what techniques do you use so exploring the penis seems like something really captivating and extremely pleasuring to whoever is watching?

I truly enjoy to see my partner having pleasure. In fact, I can assure you that I prefer to give pleasure more than receiving it and for this reason, oral sex is an amazing tool in my sexual life.
There aren’t “magical strategies” or techniques for performing good in bed. The best trick I can give you is…communication! Every person is different and our likings and preferences vary a lot, so the best way to make your partner moan is just asking what they like and the way in which they like it!

Your nickname, Amarna Miller, was created based in the artistic and historical world. What influence does Henry Miller gives you, the Pharaoh, his wife and daughters?

Apart from my name, I really don’t think that Akenathon or Miller have a big influence in my life. I like history of art and I used to love the Amarna period; I also enjoy to read Miller, specially because of the way in which he develops sexuality inside of his novels…. but they don’t play a special role in my life.

What have you learnt about the Egyptian artistic revolution and Henry Miller’s writings about pornography and sexuality?

(I prefer not no answer this because I don’t have too much to say!)

In your interview to “aipdaily” you mention that European women who care about their sexuality, that take care of their own bodies and fight for their position are usually referred as prostitutes. How can one fight against this retrograde ideas? As an porn actress and model, how do you feel about all of this kind of mentality that affects women in general? 

Well, that’s a radical affirmation! I don’t think that European women who care about their sexuality are usually referred as prostitutes, but I believe that occidental society try to repress the open representation of sexuality, specially if you’re a women. The women who is not ashamed of her own body or who talks openly about her sexual life is depicted as a bitch, in the bad, dirty definition of the word. 
How can we fight about this ideas? Not being afraid of going out and talk about what we want and teaching society that sex is something natural and good.
I feel kind of sad when I hear this ideas but I also understand my public position as an incredible way to spread the word and make people open their eyes. I’m young, and I have a university degree and you know what? I’m in porn. Because I love sex, and I love to have sex in front of the cameras. There’s nothing wrong in it, and I’m proud of my job!

You’re a BDSM admirer. How did it caught your attention? In what way does this sexual practice contributes to your sexual satisfaction?

I’ve always been interested in explore new practices in bed, and I think BDSM is a fantastic way to learn new ways to reach pleasure and expand the horizons of your sexuality.

As a porn/eroticism and body knowledge lover, what is the importance, for you, of knowing our own body, what pleasure we can take from it? What is the best way to reach sexuality freedom?

There’s a huge knowledge hole in the understanding of our bodies, specially if you’re a women. Nobody teach you how to achieve pleasure, or that there’re multiples ways to have an orgasm and very few of them are related to penetration, for example.
When you’re a kid sexuality is seen as a taboo, something you shouldn’t ask about,a secret. So when your body starts to develop and sexual desire appears, you don’t know how to manage it, how to conduct it.
What would be the best way to avoid this? Giving our kids a good sexual education in which sexual pleasure is seen as something good and enjoyable instead of a secret you should be ashamed of. And if you are already an adult, just explore and experiment with your body to understand what you like and what you don’t enjoy.

Thank you for your time!

Project For The Pleasure Genesis
Interview: Pedro Marques
Translation and Correction: Mariana Dias


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