Interview with Kiki Yonitale

Directed a film on which three girls had a “plastic box” with names of various sex toys, had to draw lots and explore their sexuality with toy fell, from your perspective how important is this type of game and exploration of masturbation, knowledge of the body and sexuality of women?

Kiki:I think it is one of the most important things for a woman. Unfortunately not many people will agree with me or at least admit to it. Every girl has to know her body and be able to give herself pleasure. First of all it will give her freedom and she will know exactly what she wants to achieve with sex.
As some women can be embarrassed and shy about exploring their bodies I had an idea to create a game where all can try different ways of self-pleasure making it fun, and not anything to be coy about.

Through this video what message you want to spend and which learning wants women and men to obtain?

Kiki: We’ve created our special massage called “Yonitale Touch” (YT). YT is a pure connection between two partners (not necessary boy-girl) when one is a giver and one is a receiver. The giver has to concentrate on the pleasure of the receiver. It can take a lot of time and patience. But this experience can reveal to both what kind of fantasies, touches, masturbations, penetrations etc they prefer. Try to do it with your wife or girlfriend and you will be surprised how many things you didn’t know about her. I mean good things 😉

Has participated in movies of the photographer and director Petter Hegre – Hegre Art with the same goal to explore the body and masturbation, which has learned through these films, how is that to masturbate for the camera and play with your body allowed your to develop your sexuality?

Kiki: I like Petter’s work very much but our goals are different. I’m more concentrated on genuine female orgasm, how to get it (sometimes we have anorgasmic girls), how to improve, to make it more powerful, longer etc.
Masturbation in front of a camera is a good things for exhibitionism. I am an exhibitionist and some of our models are exhibitionists as well. So we’re getting more excited in front of a camera 😉

Has a video on youtube to get an orgasm through a sex toy, how is that for you orgasm can be important and booster pleasure in masturbation or sex?

Kiki: I believe that sex without orgasm is an incomplete sex. I’m not talking about anorgasmic women. But we have encountered such models and we managed to give them pleasures. Everything is possible if you are full of hope and ready to put in a lot of effort. Otherwise, today I can’t imagine sex without orgasm. Why do I need it? It’s like to be hungry, to smell and to see food and not to eat it.

In the video he measured the intensity of orgasm through this handset as it can work better orgasms? To what extent is that this handset comes help orgasm and pleasure?
Kiki: We use smart watches and App “Orgasm Scale” to verify and validate orgasms as we’re showing only proven orgasms. When I tell the girls that we can see her orgasm with the application they are scared to fake and they concentrate on achieving a real orgasm. Its like a lie detector!
. So it helps 😉

How should face the orgasm and pleasure?

Kiki: Unfortunately, today people don’t talk about Orgasm’s. They consider it like a “private topic”. Of course, I am completely at ease on the subject and will even discuss it over a drink with strangers!
. Although sadly some people do not react positively; happily, if I explain well and introduce orgasm from a non provocative side some people are very interested (especially women who can feel empowered
). But for me it is natural to talk about female orgasms, I can talk about it forever! I hope, one day people will understand that their pleasure (if you don’t hurt anybody) has nothing in common with a guilt.

Your project “Secret Of Pleasure” gives space to which women are not actresses / models can land naked, seduce, provoke, fantasize, and work the imagination, first to make room for lawyers, students, workers, teachers … what you want with this opening? How is that the game develops pleasure through seduction, provocation, fantasy?
Kiki: “Secret of Pleasure” is a prelude. There you can find the beautiful girls almost naked. Its a teasing way to provoke
viewers and to feed fantasies. I think fantasies are very important for getting orgasms and to make it more pleasant.

Have done several interviews with porn stars. What have you learned from your testimony on how to get pleasure? What can we learn from their project on pleasure and fantasy? What aspects of sexuality aims to develop?

Kiki: Yes, I’ve done many interviews with our models. But I only publish non private things. Before filming I talk a lot with the girls about their sexual preferences and tastes
. Usually, they tell me a lot of stories about their good and bad experiences. I’m also curious about their fantasies. So, without answers to these questions we cannot give them pleasure. Testimonies are very good for building our substantial knowledge base about the genuine female orgasm. It is our deepest passion here at Yonitale to be the absolute authority on real pleasure cum what may;).


Thanks for your time, and all the best wishes for your work.

Project Genesis by Pleasure

Interview: Pedro Marques

Translation and Correction and: Mário Martins


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