Interview the couple Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson

Interview the couple Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson specialists Tantra
Already took thirty years of study, practice and Tantric teaching. As experts in sexuality and relationships, how is that learning benefits your specialty and what share by others?

Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition that recognizes sexual energy as a source of personal and spiritual empowerment. Sexual energy does not necessarily involve sexual activity.

Our books are informed by Tantra, including our two most recent titles, Partners in Passion and Designer Relationships.

Our way of relating to one another is rooted in our understanding of Tantra, which has given us practical tools for helping others.

How does the Tantra sex benefits your sexuality and since they started practicing it what they have learned?

Tantric techniques typically involve a disciplined use of awareness and an exploration of consciousness, regardless of the activity being engaged in. Approaching sexuality with awareness and intention can be liberating because it encourages us to know ourselves as fully as we can.

To create the books, they had to practice. How did evolution and learning as they were studying, practicing, teaching and writing books?

Because we write about relationships and the act of writing involves taking emotional risks and putting one’s ego on the line, we have had to apply the skills we advocate. It’s probably one of the most dramatic examples of having to practice what you preach. We’ll often have to take a time-out to breathe together and eye-gaze for a few minutes in silence, before getting back to work.

Affirmed in an interview with “Clitical”, which your mission is to demystify the Tantra, as they have been able to do and how to have given another perspective of sex through the Tantra?

We think that the core principles of Tantra can be expressed quite simply––bring awareness to your actions and cultivate an attitude of reverence, curiosity, and wonder. Most of the rest is immaterial. If you can approach your relationship with this awareness, curiosity, and reverence you are much likelier to keep it vibrant and thriving.

From reading your books, with the demystification and approach that make sex, how can couples improve their sexuality?

The first thing we encourage people to do is to define sex and to define it as broadly as they can. Next we invite them to notice the erotic current in as many of their interactions as they possibly can, and to become aware of sex as something that is more than just a physical phenomenon. This means bringing their entire being into it. We stress that mindset is the most important thing. The techniques we describe are far more effective when the mental approach is right.

Said in an interview with “Clitical” that if people leave selfishness aside and can give more of themselves, can get more than the reverse, how can you get people to give more of themselves and have a mutual dedication to refer?

Mutuality is the key. When all partners focus on giving, the results are exponential. This attitude moves people beyond treating their relationship as a way to barter to get their needs met. When both are mutually and enthusiastically focused on tending to the relationship, a feedback loop is created, and there can be an almost magical synergry.

Through the book, which are building, “Tantra Erotic Empowerment” as can get people to work and bring your sexuality? How important is this development of sexuality to people’s lives?

For many people sex is very important, and truly knowing and accepting oneself as a sexual being is often the key to leading a more balanced and integrated life. Of course there are people for whom sex is not overly important, and we are not dogmatic about sex being the only vehicle for self-discovery. Still, it can be the quickest path to self-knowledge and integration.

Thank you for your time!

Project For The Pleasure Genesis
Interview: Pedro Marques
Translation and Correction: Mário Martins


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